Experts Everywhere

The faculty in CMD have a passion for teaching and are highly engaged in their areas of professional practice and research. These areas include new technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for education and training, digital design and publishing, corporate and public relations for companies and non-profits, systems thinking and design, and crisis management.

  • Dennis Charsky 
    Associate Professor and CMD Degree Director (Design of e-Learning and Educational Games)
  • Diane Gayeski  Professor and Director of the M.S. in Communications Innovation
  • Howard Kalman 
    Associate Professor (Project Management, Organizational Performance Improvement, Strategy)
  • Ari Kissiloff 
    Assistant Professor (Digital Design and Publishing, Corporate Video)
  • Gordon Rowland 
    Professor (Systems Thinking and Design)
  • Edward Schneider 
    Associate Professor (Virtual and Augmented Reality, Interface and Interaction Design)
  • Yvette Sterbenk 
    Assistant Professor (Public Relations, Corporate Communications Strategy, Event Design)
  • Cory Young
    Associate Professor (Crisis Communication, Diversity, Leadership)
  • Sandra L Herndon
    Professor Emerita
  • Steven Seidman
    Professor Emeritus