Digital Designer/User Interface Expert

Brennan is product designer for Lively Video in Austin, Texas, and is a 2016 graduate of the Emerging Media program.

“I explore the relationship between art and programming through the medium of web, videogames, and interactive storytelling," Banta says. She creates websites for clients based on their desired needs and goals, and she performs usability testing and iterations of designs to ensure professionalism.

One of her internships was with a growing yogurt company called That Indian Drink, where she managed social media accounts and produced marketing campaigns geared toward social media. She continues to work with them on a freelance basis.

While studying Emerging Media at Ithaca College, Banta worked as a teaching assistant, hosting sessions outside the class on web programming and how to use software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Balsamiq, Unity 3D, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Action Script, Python, and JavaScript.