Web Pioneer, Social Media Strategist

Internet Culture and Branding Expert

With extensive experience in the evolving digital media space, Elspeth “Ellie” Rountree is the engagement editor for Vox Creative and oversees Vox Media’s paid social strategy and execution. Working across all seven Vox Media networks including Vox, The Verge, Eater, Curbed, SBNation, Recode, and Polygon, Rountree coordinates branded content initiatives pre-through-post-sale to make sure every piece of content makes sense for the right audiences and distribution networks.

Previous to Vox Media, she worked for major brands and agencies including Google, BBC America, Everybody at Once, Deep Focus, AMC Networks, The Travel Channel, and Warby Parker.

Listed as one of the “25 Need-To-Know Bloggers” by Mediaite.com and a “Silicon Alley Insider 100,” Rountree began her career in media hosting her own show in conjunction with Conde Nast and was featured in Lucky magazine for her video blogging talents. She has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and by NPR regarding Internet culture and was a co-creator, writer, senior producer, and host of both highly successful Know Your Meme and Rocketboom Tech series.

Along with Rocketboom’s success, Know Your Meme was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2009 and has been featured in, among others, Newsweek, Wired, NPR, Entertainment Weekly, MSNBC, PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, The New York Times, Mashable, and TechCrunch and is still widely regarded as the leading source for internet culture information.