Software Engineer, Twitter

Evan Sobkowicz is a full-stack software engineer at Twitter in San Francisco. He works on a team focused on growing the reach of Twitter beyond Twitter’s website and mobile apps. This includes building embedded Tweets, which are displayed in news articles, apps, and websites across the Internet and receive over one billion impressions per month. Sobkowicz also contributes to the new Twitter.com web app, improving the logged out browsing experience and building the Bookmarks feature

While studying Emerging Media at Ithaca College, Sobkowicz most enjoyed classes like Human Computer Interaction, Topics in Media Technology, and Search Engines and Recommendation Systems. He collaborated with Bridget Strawn and Belen Martinez on their Emerging Media Senior Capstone to create Self Checkout, an iOS app to help people manage their mental wellness. Self Checkout has been in the App Store since 2016 and now has over 50,000 downloads. Sobkowicz also worked as web director for The Ithacan for eight semesters, rebuilding the website and improving its performance and usability.