Ph.D. Student in Artificial Intelligence and Education

Jeremy Block got interested in artificial intelligence and its application to education during his coursework in emerging media. He's now fully funded at the University of Florida for a Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing. His research project is in XAI (explainable Artificial Intelligence)—trying to describe how artificially intelligent systems get to their conclusions by attempting to assign meaning to the layers of statistics and decision trees. 

Right after he graduated, he was hired by Ithaca College's educational technology team to help the faculty learn about and apply virtual reality and other new applications to their teaching.

During his coursework, he built virtual reality (VR) video games, crafted 3D models, developed web applications, optimized digital asset workflows, led small groups and large teams, and was published in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

While at IC, Block was heavily involved in the IC Television Network, working in various roles as technical/creative director, data wrangler, sound recordist, and editor.

He also volunteered with the IC Media Club to teach students in the Ithaca City School District about media theory, journalism ethics, and interactive narrative.