Director of Racing Operations and Events, NASCAR

Jusan Hamilton made NASCAR history as its first African American race director in charge of high-pressure, split-second decisions about activity on the track. 

Making it to the pros in NASCAR is a goal Hamilton has been racing toward since he was a toddler being lifted into the driver’s seat of a tractor by his grandfather. 

“I remember watching him and helping him work on different projects,” Hamilton says. “He helped me develop my passion for driving and racing, and allowed me to have that connection with motorsports.” 

When he could finally reach the pedals, Hamilton competed in go-cart and stock car races up and down the East Coast. Making the shift from the driver’s seat to the business side of NASCAR was his goal as a student at Ithaca College, where he studied sociology and integrated marketing communications.  

“My two degrees showed me completely different aspects of the business world and of life in general.”

His knowledge of the sport and its fan-base, combined with his coursework, gave him a competitive edge—he landed three NASCAR internships as an undergrad followed by a full-time offer after graduation.  

“I love working for NASCAR. I love working in the industry. My goal is to continue to work my way up,” says Hamilton.