Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship minor at Ithaca College is a modern evidence-based entrepreneurship curriculum with an emphasis on deliberate practice, and strong teaching and mentorship. The Entrepreneurship faculty seeks to ignite a passion for entrepreneurial action, to develop entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and to cultivate a growth mindset for entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship minor can be coupled with any major. This innovative minor also gives students valuable skills for their future careers, including risk and uncertainty management, interpersonal and networking management, innovation and product development, and opportunity recognition. Students who choose the Entrepreneurship minor will develop career and life skills, such as:

  • Working with real-world professors, mentors, and other allies who have built and run businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.
  • Leveraging extensive contacts to invite top-tier speakers to share their own business stories and lessons learned, while also providing networking opportunities. 
  • Presenting a complete business idea and business pitch at the Startup Idea Demo Day and Startup Pitch Demo Day to earn real money toward advancing the business.
  • Tactics for running a business using lean and practical methodologies. 
  • Learning the world of popular culture and its every increasing importance in the business world.
  • Learning lessons from a wide variety of entrepreneurs from a vast array of industries who all use entrepreneurial thinking to best leverage the best lessons of entrepreneurship across a wide variety of business and non-traditional settings.

Required Courses in the Entrepreneurship Minor

MGMT 23000 Entrepreneurial Innovation 2 3
MGMT 23500 Ideas Into Action 3
MGMT 21400 Startup Tactics 3
MGMT 21300 Hidden Entrepreneurs 3
  Choose up to Two: 6 credits total
MGMT 21200 Pop-Up Startup-Up 3
MGMT 29800 ITHACON: Promoting & Managing Conventions 3
MGMT 22500 Business Models & The Art of Profitability 3
MGMT 39100 Managing for Sustainability 3
MGMT 31200 Leadership & Collaboration 
ENVS 20203 Make Stuff Better Lab 3
ENVS 35000 Farming the Forest 3
FINA 38000 Equity Portfolio Management 3
FINA 42000 Alternative Asset Management 3
  Alternates: No more than one. Requires Advance Approval.  
MGMT 49900 Entrepreneurship Independent Study 3
MGMT 4XXX Family Business Practicum 3
MGMT 4XXX Social Entrepreneurship Independent Study 3

1. All courses require Sophomore standing or higher.
2. MGMT 23000 can be waived with instructor approval, though credit hours must be replaced with an additional course from the approved selection list.