ICC Capstone courses provide students with the opportunity to develop the final artifact for their e-portfolios, in which they reflect on the integration of the ICC with their major and/or minor course of study at Ithaca College. H&S students may satisfy the ICC capstone requirement in one of two ways:

  1. some programs have developed or are developing discipline-based capstone courses, and in some cases have added these into the degree requirements for the major; these department-based courses have the appropriate Capstone designation;

  2. for students in programs or departments without discipline-based capstone options, the School of Humanities and Sciences offers a one-credit school-based capstone course, IISP 49800 H&S Integrative Core Curriculum Capstone. Multiple sections of this course will be offered each year, taught by faculty drawn from across the school.

Departments with Capstones


Majors requiring capstone course



Anthropology B.A.

ANTH 49500 Anthropology Capstone


Art B.A., B.F.A.

ART 40000 Theory and Practice 4

Art History

Architectural Studies B.A.

ARTH 48000 Senior Portfolio: Architecture


Biology B.A., B.S.
Recommended, not required

BIOL 41400 Biology Capstone


Biochemistry B.S.

BIOC 41400 Biochemistry Capstone


Chemistry B.A., B.S.

CHEM 48800 Chemistry Capstone

Communication Studies

Required for
Culture and Communication B.A.
Recommended, not require
d for Communication Studies B.A.

CLTC 48000 Senior Seminar in Culture and Communication

Computer Science

Computer Science B.A., B.S.
Recommended, not required

COMP 49500 Capstone in Computer Science

Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Race, Power, and Resistance B.A. CSCR 43400 Capstone in Race, Power, and Resistance
Literatures in English English B.A.
Recommended, not required
ENGL 40000 Capstone in English

Environmental Studies & Sciences

Environmental Studies B.A. 
Environmental Sciences B.S.

ENVS 47500 Advanced Environmental Studies Seminar


Aging Studies B.A., B.S.

GERO 48000 Gerontology Senior Seminar


History B.A.

HIST 49400 History Capstone

Integrative Studies Integrative Studies B.A., B.S. INST 40000 Integrative Studies Capstone


Mathematics B.A. 
Mathematics B.S.

MATH 49800 Capstone in Mathematics I


Philosophy B.A.,
Philosophy minor

Religious Studies B.A.,
Religious Studies minor

PHIL 41000 Philosophy Capstone

RLST 41000 Religious Studies Capstone


Physics B.A., B.S.
Recommended, not required

PHYS 41400 Professional Physics and Astronomy Seminar Capstone


Psychology B.A.
Applied Psychology B.S.

PSYC 49800 Capstone in Psychology

Screen Cultures Screen Cultures B.A. SCRE 45000 Screen Cultures Capstone
Sociology Sociology B.A.
Recommended, not required
SOCI 45900 Capstone in Sociology

Theatre Arts

Stage Management B.F.A.

Theatre Production & Design B.F.A.
• Technology Concentration
• Design Concentration

Theatre Studies B.A.

Acting B.F.A. Musical Theatre B.F.A., Theatre Arts Management
Recommended, not required

THEA 46100 Stage Management Seminar

THEA 41100 Technical Seminar
THEA 41200 Design Seminar

THEA 44500 Theatre Studies Capstone

THEA 40100 Theatre Complementary Capstone

World Languages, Literatures & Cultures World Languages and Cultures B.A. LNGS 40000 Capstone in World Languages and Cultures
Writing Writing B.A.
Recommended, not required
WRTG 49500 Writing Capstone

For more information about Capstone course options for H&S students, please contact the H&S General Education Committee at hscurriculum@ithaca.edu.