The VR facility is used for both research and courses.

The Pioneer mobile robot offers a testbed for a wealth of research areas.

Our students have access to a wealth of educational computing facilities, providing experience with most of the hardware and software used today by industry and post-graduate academic institutions.

  • The Computer Science Projects Laboratory is a computer lab where majors and minors can work on class projects and meet with team members. It currently contains 5 Apple iMacs which dual-boot to Windows.
  • The Computer Science Student Lounge / conference area is a place where majors can get together for team meetings or just hang out and have lunch with friends.
  • Electronic classrooms are the norm within the Computer Science Department.  These classrooms permit students to gain hands-on experience in courses at all levels.
  • Student computer labs are located throughout the Ithaca College Campus. These readily accessible facilities include  networked sun workstations and several labs containing Dell PC and/or Macintosh computers.  Each computer contains a full compliment of hardware peripherals, application software and software development tools.  Most computers within the Computer Science Department also run both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

In Addition, our faculty have established several research facilities that are often used by students both in advanced courses and in projects mentored by faculty members.

  • Emerging Media Laboratory:  
    • Virtual Reality  lab is a state of the art facility for research in VR and related areas. The laboratory hosts a variety of VR hardware and software, including: multiple stereo-capable head-mounted displays (VR Research, Oculus Rift, Vive, Ascension, Polhemus and Kinect motion tracking systems, and a SensAble PHANTOM Omni force feedback device.
    • Intelligent Tutoring Lab:  Research into intelligent tutoring and adaptive, on-line textbooks.
  • Robotics Laboratory:  One  Pioneer PowerBot mobile robot platform with an on-board computer, fore and aft sonar rings, and forward facing laser. Three Pioneer P3DX mobile robot platforms with on-board computers and fore and aft sonar rings. Additional equipment includes a 480X640 pixel color camera with a pan-tilt base and a 5 degree-of-freedom robot arm with a 2 degree-of-freedom gripper.  Additional robotics devices include iRobot iCreate robots used in classes and a sizeable collection of Lego Mindstorms kits and accessories.
  • Jimi lab:  Research in music discovery, multimedia information retrieval and  human computation.
  • Networks and Systems Laboratory:  Windows and Linux PCs on a dedicated LAN provide a "playground" for exploring issues in computer networks and security, and systems development.