Our faculty have a broad range of interests and accomplishments, which allows us to offer courses that cover the breadth of topics needed for a Computer Science degree.

John Barr, Ph.D., Penn State University

    Interests: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Web Programming, Multimedia

    Selected Courses:  Implementation of Computer Operating Systems, Computer Architecture

Paul Dickson, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst

     Interests: educational technology, computer vision, and computer science education

    Selected Courses: human computer interaction, computer graphics, game development

Toby Dragon, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst

     Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Tutoring

    Selected Courses: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms, Intelligent Systems

Ali Erkan, Ph.D., Lehigh University

    Interests: Computer Networks, Algorithms

    Selected Courses: Introduction to Computer Organization and Systems, Computer Networks

Adam Lee, M.S., Ithaca College

     Interests:  Data Analytics, Algorithms

    Selected Courses:  Computer and Information Technologies

Nathan Prestopnik, Ph.D. Syracuse University

     Interests: Games with a purpose, game design, citizen science, crowdsourcing, user experience, and interaction design

     Selected Courses: Human-Computer Interaction, Game Development, Multimedia Programming, Web Development

Sharon Stansfield, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

    Interests: Virtual Reality, Robotics, Game Design and Development

    Selected Courses: Computational Foundations of Emerging Media, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics

Doug Turnbull, Ph.D. from UC San Diego

Interests: multimedia information retrieval, music analysis,  machine learning, and human computation

Selected Courses: Advanced Web Programming, Scientific Computing, Information Retrieval

Roy Westwater, M.S. University of Maryland

           Interests:  Web and Mobile Development, Robotics, Multimedia

           Selected Courses:  Web Development, Multimedia Programming, Database Systems