About the Minor

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Counseling is suspending admission to the minor as of October 20th 2020. Students who are currently registered in the minor will be able to complete the minor as planned.  

Students who submitted a request for admission to the minor prior to Oct 20th will be considered for admission; after that date, the minor will no longer be available.

The Minor is currently undergoing a major curricular review, and we anticipate making significant changes to the program requirements. Once those requirements have been approved through the College’s curricular process, admission of new students to the minor will resume.

The department anticipates that this suspension will last until fall 2021. Students who entered the College in Fall 2019 or 2020 can contact the coordinator for guidance.

The interdisciplinary counseling minor is a partnership between the Departments of Psychology and Sociology; open to all students at the College, it is designed to provide a broad perspective and background in the field of mental health. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of mental health acknowledges the complementary contribution of these two disciplines that explore individual behavior from differing perspectives.

Through this combination of approaches, the minor allows students to develop a rich and complex understanding of the development of distress, and a variety of perspectives on assessment, treatment, and crisis intervention in applied settings. The importance of the application of theory to practice is underscored by the required internship placement for all counseling minors.

The minor prepares students for diverse careers where a basic grounding in counseling skills and knowledge are valuable: counseling skills are, for instance, integral to human service, health care, and many business roles and functions.

Students may declare the minor anytime before their spring semester of their junior year. Interested students can apply through workflow and will attend an advising meeting with a counseling faculty member before declaring the minor.

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