Get Involved in Research on Day One!

During the academic year, ENVS students have the opportunity to do research with faculty members at three possible levels:

  • ENVS 20100 – Introductory Environmental Research
  • ENVS 30100 – Intermediate Environmental Research
  • ENVS 40200 – Advanced Environmental Research

A common pathway for students is to take a credit or two of Introductory Research during the first or second year. If you want to continue with research, register again for Intermediate Research during the second or third year.  Advanced Environmental Research is usually done during the senior year to fulfill the Advanced Study requirement (three credits).  

Each faculty member has their own section of Research. In order to register for ENVS 201, 301 or 402 research, you will need to fill out the Permission to Enroll/Override form, located in the document list below and email to the faculty member, who will forward to Department Admin with approval. Forms will be processed by 5 pm the day they are received by Admin. You will be notified by email when you need to add the course in Homer.  Be sure to submit the number of credits approved.  There is a "how to guide" in the document list below to assist with changing the variable credit.