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Welcome current students to your section on the ENVS website. The links below will take you to information and tools for a successful educational career at Ithaca College's Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences:

Course Offerings, Electives List and New Double Major Option

Course Offerings
View the slideshow from the ENVS Course Expo highlighting Fall 2021 Course offerings!
Fall 2021 Course Offerings
Electives List
Environmental Studies and Sciences Electives Lists
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Double Major Option - ENVS&Doc Studies
ENVS has partnered with the Roy H. Park School of Communications to offer a pre-approved double major in ENVS and Doc Studies.
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Internship and Research

Academic Year Internship
During the academic year, students can get credit for off-campus internships (ENVS 49500).
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Academic Year Research
During the academic year, ENVS students have the opportunity to do research with faculty members at three possible levels.
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Summer Research and Internship
Faculty in the department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offer a number of summer research opportunities.
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Academic Forms

Summer Internship General Information
Ideas and suggestions for summer internship opportunities.
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Requirements for Honors in Environmental Studies (B.A.) and Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.)
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Independent Study
ENVS students can conduct an Independent Study with the guidance of one of our professors.
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ENVS Documents

file-outline Electives List - envselectives.pdf (64.4 KB)
file-outline Fall 2021 Courses - fall-2021-course-expo_0.pdf (53.93 MB)
file-outline Independent Study Learning Contract - hs-independent-study-learning-contract.pdf (1.47 MB)
file-outline Summer Research & Internships - summer-research-internships2019_0.pdf (103.6 KB)
file-outline Apiary Newsletter 2021 - newsletter-newsletter-3-8.pdf (9.44 MB)
file-outline Apiary Newsletter September 2021 - newsletter4.pdf (1.56 MB)