Honors in Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.)

Students with a minimum GPA in Environmental Studies and Sciences courses of 3.50 and an overall GPA of 3.30 may apply for honors after they have completed ENVS 201: Environmental Research: Introductory in their sophomore or junior year (on the same topic or a preliminary topic).  Students are encouraged to continue research in the summer after junior year, and then take ENVS 301 Environmental Research: Intermediate in the fall of the senior year and ENVS 402: Environmental Research: Advanced in the spring of the senior year.

Application: Application must be made by March 15 of the junior year to the ENVS Curriculum Committee. The application must include the following:

  • an unofficial academic transcript, current GPAs (overall and in Environmental Studies and Sciences), and
  • a 300-500 word summary of the proposed research project using this form

                Upon completion, submit a copy of your academic transcript to csilidjian@ithaca.edu

The ENVS faculty will reviews the qualifications of the applicant, the suitability of the proposed research, and that faculty sponsorship has been obtained.  The curriculum committee approves/rejects the application. If the application is approved, the candidate begins work on the proposal, which must be submitted by September 19 of the senior year.

If at any point the honors committee deems the work insufficient for honors, the student will still receive a grade for any work submitted that semester.

The ENVS faculty reserves the right to cancel the student's honors application by the end of September if they deem the proposal to be unacceptable.

Forming a Committee: An honors committee is formed by May 1 of the junior year. This committee must consist of an ENVS faculty sponsor and two other faculty members, one of whom must be from the Environmental Studies and Sciences department.

Writing the Proposal: The student designs the honors project in consultation with the faculty sponsor and writes a proposal describing the project. Proposals range from 1000 to 2500 words.

Writing the honors paper: At the culmination of the research, the student will write a paper. The final honors paper (5000-word) must be submitted to the honors committee one week prior to the oral presentation.

Public presentation of project: Presentations will normally take place in mid-April of senior year.

Granting Honors:  Between April 15 to May 15, the student must meet with the honors committee to discuss his/her/their research in detail. Following this meeting and review of the paper, the honors committee will make a decision on whether to grant Honors in Environmental Studies and Sciences to the student.

Deadlines for Honors Research in Environmental Science:

Submission of application for Honors: junior year - March 15*
*Students that are summer scholars after their junior year have an extended deadline of August 15 

Formation of Honors Committee: junior year - May 1*
*Students that are summer scholars after their junior year have an extended deadline of August 15

Submission of Honors Proposal: senior year - September 15

1st Honors committee meeting: senior year - September 30
2nd Honors committee meeting: senior year - February 1

Submission of Honors project one week prior to oral presentation

Oral presentation: senior year - mid-April

Final Honors committee meeting: senior year - between April 15 to May 15

Note: These deadlines can be adjusted if a December graduation deadline is planned