ENVS students can conduct an Independent Study with the guidance of one of our professors. Independent study can include research, fieldwork, and service learning projects, as well as individualized reading.  It also can fulfill the Advanced Study requirement for the Environmental Studies (B.A.) or Environmental Science (B.S.) degree. The process is as follows:

  • Discuss your proposed project with a professor.

  • Once you have designed your project, fill out the online Independent Study Intent to Register FormThis needs to be done by the first day of classes for the semester that you will do the work.

  • Complete the Independent Study Learning Contract proposal that describes the project, your preparation, and how your work on the project will be evaluated for a grade.

  • Submit your proposal to the department chair by the first day of class for the semester that you will complete the work.

  • Once the proposal is approved, you will be able to register for the course.