So, you want to do research or pursue projects in the summer? Conducting research and interning over the summer will help you in advancing your interests, learning new skills, and gaining valuable experience.  There are opportunities both on the IC campus and off campus.

Summer Research and Internship opportunities

The H&S Summer Scholars Program 8-10 weeks of paid full-time research or project work. There are two pathways into the H&S Summer Scholars program.

Faculty-led research

You might be interested in getting involved in an ongoing natural research program led by an ENVS faculty member. Working on these novel and investigative projects, you have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the natural science research experience.  

Independent Research/Projects

You might have an idea for your own community education, creative arts, humanistic, or social science project on environmental themes, perhaps one that you have been thinking about since taking a course that sparked a passion for a particular inquiry

Whom to contact? And What you can do?

Susan Allen: environmental toxicology research, focusing on microplastics and pharmaceuticals in Cayuga Lake

Jason Hamilton: ecological change in the human-altered environment

Chris Sinton: research on water quality in the region, carbon sequestration in the IC Natural Lands, and seamounts of the Galapagos region

Paula Turkon: dendrochronology research in northwestern Mexico

Application Steps

  1. For detailed information about the research available in faculty labs, we invite you to contact the faculty member directly.
  2. Be sure to get specific information about the project, what is expected of you, type of techniques used, background required to be successful, and the time required. Please note that some of the projects will not be carried out at Ithaca College and, therefore, require travel to study sites. 
  3. Once you have determined the type of project (faculty-led research or independent research) you want to carry out in the summer, you will prepare and submit an application to the H&S Summer Scholars program. 
  4. Before you submit your application, be sure to review the program expectations, and eligibility requirements, for the program.

Off-Campus Opportunities: There are several organizations and programs that often have jobs for which ENVS are qualified