Upcoming Jewish Studies courses

The list includes both courses directly offered through Jewish Studies, with the JWST prefix, and those offered through other departments which students minoring in Jewish Studies can take for credit in the minor.

Fall 2022 Jewish Studies courses

Living Judaism (JWST/RLST 20300)     Rebecca Lesses
ICC: Identities; Mind Body Spirit. Perspective: Humanities.

MW 4:00-5:15      Williams 310
What does it mean to live a Jewish life? How have Jews thought about God and incorporated those understandings into their daily lives? This course examines the many ways that Jews have understood Judaism as a way of life that encompasses ethical behavior, ritual practices, and personal and family relationships. We will explore Jewish theology/philosophy and mysticism through reading biblical, rabbinic, philosophical, mystical, and modern writings. We will address questions of good and evil, the covenant, death and the afterlife, justice, and social responsibility.
Students may not receive credit for both RLST 20300 and JWST 20300.

Jews in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (JWST 20100)   Rebecca Lesses
ICC: Identities; Power & Justice. Perspective: Humanities.

MWF 11:00         Williams 218
Journeys, discoveries, and cultural encounters: Jewish exiles and traders, rabbis and philosophers, mystics and mothers in the premodern world. This course covers Jewish history and the varieties of Jewish cultures and religious traditions in the ancient and medieval worlds, up to the expulsion from Spain in 1492.

From Auschwitz to Argentina: Stories of Resistance and Resilience
(ENGL 26100 and SPAN 26100)     MWF 2:00-2:50    Annette Levine
Examination of the struggles and experiences of the Holocaust and the Jewish diaspora in Latin America. Explores how drama, poetry, testimony, and historical fiction reveal the power of narration to express the human capacity for resistance and resilience.

Independent Study in Jewish Studies (JWST 49100)         Rebecca Lesses
Special research on an individual project arranged by a student with a particular faculty member. The project may include reading books and/or writing papers under the guidance of the faculty member, with a performance expectation of upper-level work. 1-4 credits. Offered on demand only.