How to choose a graduate / professional school

We recommend you follow the appropriate link below to help choose the schools to which you will apply. Most of these sites contain information on admission requirements for individual schools, and statistical information on accepted students. Some of them also include information about the respective professions. All schools maintain web sites, which are an excellent source of information about prerequisites and characteristics of admitted students.

Note: Having a GPA and test score higher than a school's average does not mean you will be accepted, or even invited for an interview. Many other factors will be considered, including health care experience, motivation, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, personal statement, etc.

When considering a school, be sure to look at the number of out-of-state residents accepted annually (if it is in a state of which you are not a resident), the average GPA and test scores of recently accepted applicants, tuition, location (do you want to live there for four years?), and special programs/initiatives. You should choose at least a couple of dream schools, those that you may feel are a reach, but which you would love to attend. Then choose several schools which you would like to attend and for which you feel you are competitive. Finally, choose a few schools for which you feel you are very competitive as backup schools.