Pre-health clubs and societies

  • Health Care Advising: a FACULTY GROUP that assists students.  Students planning a career in healthcare should register with the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), so that we can effectively provide assistance and outreach.
  • Ithaca College Pre-Health Society (ICPHS): a STUDENT organization that provides programming (guest speakers, workshops, practice exams, site visits) for students interested in careers in health care. Contact icprehealth@ithaca.edu for more information.
  • IC Pre-Vet Society: a STUDENT organization geared towards students interested in animal health care. Contact icprevet@ithaca.edu for more information.
  • Melanin in medicine: a STUDENT organization that works to provide resources and support for students of color interested in medicine, reaching across a diverse set of majors. Contact melanininmedicine@outlook.com for information, and to get involved.

Pre-health student club

The ICPHS (Ithaca College Pre-Health Society) is a group of students that are either interested in pursuing careers in health care, from medicine to veterinary science to public health. They are associated with the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), which is a faculty-led group. The goal of the ICPHS is help students develop knowledge of health care careers, and to provide programming to assist with applications, testing, and interviews. They are a great resource for advice regarding professional connections, resume-building, shadowing experiences, personal statements, and the application process. Contact us at:  icprehealth@ithaca.edu    


  • Co-Presidents:  Alexandra Dyszewski and Eric Choi
  • Vice President:  Iderase Ademoyo
  • Treasurer:  Shanteesh Stewart
  • Secretary:  Lauren Brady
  • Communications Chair:  Jania Robinson   
  • Pre-Med Chair:  Tessa Kurtz  
  • Pre-PA Chair:  Ally Bukstel
  • Pre-Vet Chair:  Khangelani Mhlanga icprevet@ithaca.edu

Pre-Vet E-Board

President: Khangelani Mhlanga 22'
Director of Marketing/Public Relations: Bella Suarez 24'
Director of Programming: Viviana Perez 22'
Treasurer: Emily Kopecky 23'

You can read their bios on our Instagram page @ic_prevetsociety.