You will find many frequently asked questions about the premedical sciences on these pages.

A complete listing with all information is available on the documents page.


  • How do I apply for the premed program at IC?


  • Is there a PreMed major at Ithaca College?
  • Do certain majors have a better chance of getting into medical school than others?
  • What should I major in?


  • What types of grades do I need to get to be competitive?
  • Can I use my AP courses to fulfill prerequisites for medical school?
  • How do I go about planning my courses to prepare me for a career in medicine or one of the other health professions?
  • Can I take summer courses to fulfill some of my prerequisites?
  • I’ve heard that you must do research at some point to be competitive, is this true?

Student Organizations:

  • Is there any type of student organization related to medicine that I can get involved in?


  • When should I take the MCATs, or other standardized exams?
  • How should I prepare for the MCATs?
  • Can I take the MCATs in the summer instead of the spring?

Financial Concerns:

  • What is the estimated cost of applying to medical school?
  • I want to take a formal prep course, but I can’t afford it. What can I do?

Not ready for medical school now--premed committee's recommendation AFTER I graduate from IC:

  • What if I’m not ready to go straight to medical school after graduation?
  • What if I don’t apply to schools until after I leave IC? Will the premed committee still write a letter of recommendation?

Shadowing opportunities:

  • How do I find shadowing opportunities?

Schools Accepted to:

  • How many Ithaca College students are actually accepted to medical school?
  • What medical schools are they being accepted at?
  • What about veterinary school, how successful are Ithaca College students in this field?

More Questions:

  • If I have more questions, who should I talk to?