Faculty evaluations and the Committee Letter

Most schools expect a letter of recommendation from the applicant's Health Professions Advisory Committee. This letter is also known as a Committee Letter. If a student applies independently of the committee, professional schools may question why the applicant chose to by-pass the committee.

This committee letter is a description of your career at Ithaca College, both in and out of the classroom. It generally consists of a discussion of your academic record, your extracurricular activities, outside work you have done to prepare for a healthcare career, and a brief evaluation of your HPAC Interview.

Most of the summary of your academic record consists of evaluations from 4-6 Ithaca College Faculty and Staff. Over your entire career at IC, you should actively work to collect these evaluations for their file. Your letters should be balanced between science and non-science faculty; in addition, letters of support from IC staff or administration -- such as coaches or club advisors -- can also be included.

How to obtain a committee letter

  1. Register with the Health Professions Advisory Committee, if you have not already done so.
  2. As you complete your classes, ask your faculty to write a letter of evaluation. You should choose faculty of courses in which you performed well, and faculty or staff who know you well. To request a letter of evaluation from a member of IC faculty or staff, first talk to that faculty member, then fill out this online form to request a faculty evaluation.
  3. Interview with the HPAC Committee during the Spring semester before you plan on applying.
  4. As you are completing your applications, request a committee letter by completing the committee letter request form.

Forms for faculty evaluations and committee letter requests