• Most schools expect a letter of recommendation from the applicant's  Health Professions Advisory Committee, if such a committee exists. If a student applies independently of the committee, the professional schools may question why the applicant chose to by-pass the committee.
  • In order for the Ithaca College Premedical Sciences Advisory Committee to write a letter on your behalf, you must have a file with the committee. The file contains biographical information about you and evaluations of your classroom performance from your instructors.
  • The committee also requires that each student participate in an interview with the committee. These interviews are usually scheduled in March of the year in which you intend to apply. Before the interview you are required to provide the committee with a resumé and a personal statement (see below). The committee will also have access to your academic transcript.
  • The letter of recommendation written by the committee is a composite of all the information available about you, including instructor evaluations, academic standing, medical and volunteer experience, and personal qualities which may make you a particularly strong candidate.
  • For both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, the majority of schools now receive these letters through an on-line site (Virtual Evaluations). We upload the letter of recommendation to the server, indicate the schools you have applied to, and the schools are then notified that your letter is ready for them to download. We recommend that you send the list of schools that have requested secondary applications from you to the Chair of the Premed Committee and we can then initiate this process. Additional schools can be added at any time.