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Screen Cultures
Explore the cultural, political, and social perspectives of the moving image while developing the skills to interpret and analyze it.

For film buffs who want to understand cinema, not just enjoy it.

In the Screen Cultures program at Ithaca College you’ll study the moving image as seen on the big screens of the cineplex, the art house and the film festival, and the “small” screens ensconced on our walls and in our hands. You’ll be immersed in a course of study that explores cinema, television, and emerging media through the multiple intellectual lenses of aesthetics, criticism, theory, history, and industry studies. Through courses offered by the School of Humanities and Sciences and the Roy H. Park School of Communications, you’ll learn about the history and genres of film worldwide, the film industry and its place in modern society, and how to understand the formal elements of cinema.

Flexible Pathways

The Screen Cultures program is designed to provide flexible pathways for students who want to take advantage of:
• Internship opportunities with area film festivals including the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) and Cine con Cultura
• Off-campus study opportunities, including those at the IC London Center and Los Angeles Program
• Focusing on a specific passion or thinking more broadly by adding a second major

Concrete Outcomes

The Screen Cultures program develops analytical and writing skills around film and screen media that are critical to a range of professions and careers, including film sales and distribution, film production, film criticism, media advocacy, media law, market research, librarianship and curation, archiving and preservation, and teaching.

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Michael Richardson
Director, Screen Cultures