Course #



WGST 10000-01, 02

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies  

Natasha Bharj

WGST 22000

Queer Studies       

Mat Fournier 

ARTH 24300-01

Gender and Visual Culture

Jennifer Germann

 CSCR 20700

Hip Hop Feminism

M. Nicole Horsley

CSCR 35100

Race and Sexual Politics

Paula Ioanide

ENGL 18200

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 19409-01, 02

Gothic and Detective Fiction

Kasia Bartoszynska

ENGL 35100

Studies in Young Adult Literature: Race, Gender, and Otherness

Katharine Kittredge

ENGL 37100

Studies in African-American Literature: Blackness, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature 

Derek Adams

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Campbell Carapella

HLTH 31500

Family Health 

Mary Bentley 

 HIST 14100

From the Margins: European Social History 

Karin Breuer

HIST 48100

Gender, Nation, and Citizenship in Modern Europe

Karin Breuer

ICSM 10500-34

Fight the Power: Black Superheroes

M. Nicole Horsley

POLT 14600

Gender and Political Theory 

Sumru Atuk

POLT 34300

Feminist Theory 

Sumru Atuk

SOCI 21200

Changing Contours of Work

Stephen Sweet

SOCI 32700

Work and the Family 

Stephen Sweet

SOCI 33500

ST: Hooking Up: Sociology of Intimacy

Sociology Chair

SOCI 33501-01

ST: Sexuality and Health 

Luca Maurer

SOCI 43500

Feminism, Food and Health

Joslyn Brenton

SOCI 44500

Tutorial in Sexualities and Gender 

Sociology Chair 

SPAN 37900

ST: Spanish Graphic Novel 

Maria DiFrancesco  

TVR 33500 Electronic Media Criticism Stephen Tropiano