The Montessori School collaboration is an outgrowth of a very successful multi-year and multi-faceted projected founded by assistant professor Beth Peterson. A mutually beneficial program, this undertaking began with an effort to both offer a wind and percussion music program to the local Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca and to provide important teaching experiences for Ithaca College pre-service teachers. Originally housed completely at Ithaca College, it has resulted in the creation of a complete wind and percussion music offering, including lessons and a band, housed within the Montessori School. Students receive music instruction from an individual hired in a position created as a result of this initiative.  Currently, this individual is Michael Treat, an Ithaca College alumnus. In addition, the Ithaca College Music Education Department and the Montessori School have maintained their close working relationship providing beneficial resources for both programs.

Numerous students have undertaken individual projects that have involved work and research with the Montessori philosophy and the Montessori School and Program. Montessori students travel to Ithaca College once a week to participate in wind and percussion lessons and instruction; these lessons provide valuable educational experiences for the involved children and a terrific teaching opportunity for our junior student teachers. During these junior student teaching experiences, the involved student teachers are advised and supervised by college professors, and they are given the opportunity to implement ideas, concepts, knowledge, and pedagogy learned during their undergraduate coursework.