See how one student transformed during her time at the college.

In September 2014, a first-year student from the School of Music participated in a photo project. We asked her to bring something meaningful to her to the shoot: a sketchbook, a piece of sporting equipment, an instrument. We kept in touch with her throughout her four years on campus, and in spring 2018, we asked her to return to the studio to talk about how she had changed during her time at IC. Here is her story. 

Morgan Atkins '18

Morgan Atkins

Morgan Atkins in her first year at IC. 

HOMETOWN: Stillwater, Oklahoma
MAJOR: Music in Combination with an Outside Field (Communication Management and Design)
ACTIVITIES: Leadership Scholar, Active Minds, Student Leadership Institute, Various Ensembles including the Ithaca College Sinfonietta and Concert Band

Morgan Atkins

Morgan Atkins in her fourth year at IC. 

“I was much shyer as a freshman. I didn’t have any confidence in my abilities, and I think that’s a little bit different now. If I were to go into a situation where I didn’t know anything, I’d still be comfortable with myself and accept the challenge and tell myself, ‘I can do this.’ I’ve had a lot of support from my professors. Without their support and encouragement, I probably would not be as confident as I am. But also having peer support and a sense of engagement is really encouraging, as well.”

Morgan moved to Brooklyn this fall and has been grateful for the support of her IC friends.