Center for Theatre and Dance Review Policy

(Adopted 5/13/15 / Revised Fall 2018)

All students at Ithaca College are held to academic standards governed by the Dean’s office and the Academic Standards Review committee regarding students’ academic status

In addition, the Center for Theatre and Dance embraces professional standards in the studio, classroom and production laboratory.  A comprehensive ongoing review process occurs across all pre-professional degree programs: B.S. in Theatre arts Management, B.F.A. in Stage Management, B.F.A. in Theatre Production and Design – with concentrations in Design or Technology, and B.F.A. in Musical Theatre or Acting. Review is an essential component of upholding the quality and integrity of the training provided, especially in the B.F.A. (pre-professional) programs. 

After a student is admitted, the faculty has every expectation that they will engage fully with the training, and will be capable of benefiting from and meeting the goals and competencies of their degree program. All aspects of the student’s work are considered, including classroom, studio and production elements. Students will be given specific, written feedback about their particular strengths, areas for growth, and any concerns related to the competencies of their area. Specific review criteria and competencies, content and timelines vary by program.

For egregious behavior or unprofessionalism, in accordance with the Student Conduct Code, students may be discontinued from the major at any time.