Review Status for B.S. Theatre Arts Management Degree Program

After a review the student will be assigned one of the following statuses:

It is particularly important that students understand that there is no set order to the probation and discontinuation sequence.  Any of these possible options may be exercised at any point in the review process.


The student is functioning as an asset to the department in his/her chosen area of study; student is demonstrating competence in the area of academic responsibilities; student appears to have goals well in mind and to have planned a program at Ithaca College that will lead to the accomplishment of those goals.

Diagnostic Warning

The student is functioning as an asset to the department and demonstrating competence in the chosen area of study. There are, however, deficiencies in the student’s preparation and performance that require extra attention in order to proceed on schedule. During the warning period the student is expected to focus particular attention on the identified weaknesses and make observable progress in their correction.


Pronounced weakness must be strengthened during probationary period. Severe problems exist in academic and/or performance areas; low grade point average in major; student demonstrates unwillingness to contribute to the overall program by failing to fulfill responsibilities of that program. Advice may include recommendation to begin concurrent study in other area (e.g., a foreign language or selected courses required by an alternate degree program). Students on departmental probation may apply for permission from the faculty and department chair to participate in a No Bucks or extra-departmental production, but they should understand that it is unlikely that permission will be granted. It is especially important that the student’s priority be his or her classwork.

The probationary period lasts until the next review session when the student’s work will again be observed by the appropriate faculty. If the student’s previously noted weaknesses have been corrected, a recommendation will be made by the faculty reviewing the student’s work for the student to proceed in the program. If the student’s progress has been unsatisfactory, s/he will be discontinued from the program.

Discontinuation from the Program

The student is not meeting the standards expected in her/his particular theatre arts major, and the adoption of another major is required. Students discontinued from the acting and musical theatre majors may not audition for readmission into those programs.

Self-Discontinuation from the Program

A student who chooses to self-discontinue from the B.S. or any of the B.F.A. degrees should inform the coordinator of the program in writing, and this letter will remain in that student’s review file. Should any student wish to reenter the B.F.A. program, he/she must re-audition/interview.