Internships (THEA 491xx)

A few local internships are available during the school year at the Hangar, State and Kitchen Theatres and with the Cornell Concert Series. A wide variety of internship opportunities are available to Ithaca College students. Summer internships at stock or regional theaters, at casting and talent agencies in large cities, and in commercial and nonprofit theater offices are among the most popular internships. However, some of our students take advantage of full-semester, 12-credit internships as well. Management students frequently find placements for themselves (read below!), often in New York City, and B.A. drama students have the time to take a full semester away from the home campus as well. Most of the latter have taken stage management internships at the McCarter and George Street Playhouse, and one senior B.A. student recently interned at the Vineyard Theatre in Manhattan, reading new scripts.  

Internships are available at the College’s London Center as well, in areas from set construction to casting, from management to dramaturgy. Students usually sign on for three-credit internships during the London semester.

All areas of the Center for Theatre and Dance post internship notices on callboards as well as bulletin boards maintained by the separate degree programs. In addition, faculty and staff regularly encourage students to include internships as part of their undergraduate career at Ithaca College.

For information regarding internships, please consult the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog. Credit for internships cannot be received retroactively. 

H&S Internship Information

Please see H&S website for information & application process for Internships.