Technical Theatre Practicum

Technical Theatre Practicum (THEA 10200) is a practical application course, designed to expose students to the crews necessary to support production activity. It is a one-credit course that may be repeated for credit eight times. All majors are required to take the course three times, for three credits, with the exception of B.F.A. musical theatre majors, who take the course twice. (T.A.M. students also take three credits of THEA 15000, Theatre Management Practicum.) All students must complete the following requirements each semester in order to receive credit for Theatre Production:

  1. Students must participate in one production crew and usher at one performance. The house manager will turn in attendance records of ushers to the faculty member assigning Theatre Production grades. Failure to complete the ushering assignment will reduce the students’ final grade by one letter grade.
  2. Each student will receive a crew assignment at the beginning of each semester. Students will not ordinarily be assigned to crew a departmental production in which they have been cast.

Credit will be allowed for departmental productions only. See Crew Member Evaluation for evaluation criteria.