College Planning Guide

Are you and Ithaca a match? Take our fitness test!

1. Does Ithaca offer the academic major(s) that interest you?

No college -- no matter how well ranked it may be -- will be right for you if it doesn’t offer the academic programs you're looking for, so check to see if your dream major is on our list. (With 100 academic programs to choose from, chances are good that it is.) If you’re unsure of what major you’d like to pursue, check out our Exploratory Program, a flexible option that gives you up to four semesters to take classes from any of our five schools and division before choosing a major.

2. Can you afford Ithaca?
Chances are the answer is yes. No matter what your income level, Ithaca strives to put to a great college education within reach. In fact, we distribute millions of dollars in need- and merit-based financial awards annually to the majority of our students. So if you and your family need help paying for college, we urge you to apply, apply, apply.

3. Is Ithaca the right size for you?
If you’d prefer the anonymity and packed lecture halls typically found at a large university, then Ithaca’s probably not your best choice. But if you want the variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities found at a big institution but value small class sizes, personal attention, and strong faculty-student partnerships, then by all means consider Ithaca College.

4. Will Ithaca's learn-by-doing approach to teaching work for you?
Are you the type of student who learns best by listening to lectures, reading texts, and memorizing facts? Or are you more interested in seeking out the "why" behind the facts, challenging assumptions, and participating in activities and projects that bring theories to life?

At Ithaca, you'll have many opportunities to gain valuable real-world experience outside the classroom, whether it's interning for a company in your field of interest or doing professional-level research with your professors and fellow students. To find out more about the kinds of hands-on experiences you can expect in a specific major, browse our list of academic program descriptions.

5. Do you have what it takes to get into and succeed at Ithaca College?
Admission at Ithaca College is selective. Naturally, we'll weigh your performance in high school most heavily because it's the strongest predictor of academic success in college. We'll also look at your class rank, the type of courses you've taken, your SAT or ACT scores, and your overall pattern of grades. Important, too, are your letters of recommendation, cocurricular activities, and your essay. Individual talents and circumstances are also given serious consideration.

If all of this seems overwhelming, don't panic. Our admission counselors are ready to help with all the information and tips you need. Just give them a call: 607-274-3124 or 1-800-429-4274.