College Planning Guide

Consider Ithaca's Exploratory Program

One of the most comforting and convenient things about Ithaca College is the Exploratory Program. Technically it’s a major, and for up to four full semesters (that’s two full years!), students can sample options all over the College. That means you can take courses in a variety of fields, not only in the liberal arts but in our professional schools as well. You'll follow your interests, learn more about yourself, find new interests -- and discover the major that's right for you. The best part? You get to register for classes before most everyone else on campus, which means you almost always get your first choices.

Get Help Along the Way

Exploratory Program advisers are selected just for this program and have been trained to become mentors to the students they advise. As an exploratory student, you'll be assigned an adviser who will take personal interest in your success and guide you as you investigate the College’s 100 academic programs.

Ithaca's HSHP Preprofessional Program operates similarly to the Exploratory Program, but is specific to the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance. If you picture yourself in a health, health care, sport, or leisure field but aren't sure which career path interests you most, our HSHP Preprofessional Program is an excellent choice. As in the Exploratory Program, you'll have up to four semesters to sample classes in different subject areas, plus the help of an adviser to determine which of Ithaca's health-related majors suits you best.

Get a Fexible Fit

Keep in mind, too: In today's world, it's not uncommon to change jobs or career paths many times over the course of your life. That's why we believe in the value of a broad-based education. Even if you've settled on a major, most of our degree programs allow you to pursue electives or minors in other Ithaca schools. Ithaca College offers exciting academic options that blur traditional boundaries and encourage the pursuit of knowledge on a global scale.