Duties & Responsibilities

While exemplifying the student employment service philosophy, guards enforce facility policy, rules and regulations, prevent accidents, implement emergency action plans as needed, work assigned duties, attend staff meetings, and maintain high levels of physical and mental fitness as well as keep lifeguarding skills at optimum level of performance.

All Lifeguards are expected to fully cooperate by the following requirements and duties. The success of the program depends on your professional conduct and attitude.

  • Continually maintain safe and effective pool supervision and operation. No other activity can interfere with this requirement.
  • Actively practice preventative lifeguarding strategies at all times while in the pool, on or off duty.
  • Read and know the Lifeguard Manual, enforce and practice all pool rules and regulations.
  • Lifeguards must actively maintain a ‘successful test out’ level of knowledge, skills, and fitness required to perform the duties of the job.
  • All individuals in the water must be directly supervised by a lifeguard on duty. Never leave the pool unguarded.
  • Support all operations of the Aquatics facility.
  • Guards must monitor the pool from guarding stations, follow the rotation policy and, when appropriate, make adjustments to the guarding stations and rotations to ensure proper supervision.
  • When on duty a guard's complete attention must be on the pool and pool area.
  • Observe individual behavior in the water. Communicate immediately to any patrons if their actions jeopardize their own, or other's complete safety.
  • Honor your assigned work schedule and report dressed in uniform for work a minimum of ten minutes before the scheduled start of the shift unless otherwise stated.
  • Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining current certifications needed to lifeguard
  • Lifeguards must wear Ithaca College issued uniforms for all their lifeguarding shifts.

Required Qualifications

An individual must possess current American Red Cross certifications in the following areas:

  1. Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer – Valid for the first year only, regardless of the duration of certification.
  2. Red Cross Lifeguard Training and or Waterfront Lifeguarding.

Additional Certifications approved by the NYS Health Department maybe approved.

Instructions to Apply

Individuals interested in apply should email Chris Griffin with the following:

  • Current Certifications
  • Resume