First Year Scholar Resources

Preparing for your arrival on-campus

MLK First Year Scholar Orientation

First Year MLK Scholars are required to participate in MLK Orientation prior to the start of the semester. MLK First Year Orientation will be on Sunday, August 15, 2021 - Wednesday, August 18, 2021 with additional programming on Sunday, August 22. Scholars will be expected to move in by 6pm on Sunday, August 15. Please note that the college requires that you are fully vaccinated prior to arriving on-campus. 

More information on Ithaca College orientation can be found here.

Tentative Schedule

Sunday, August 15: MLK Scholar Move-In Day & MLK Scholar Orientation Day 1

Monday, August 16: MLK Scholar Orientation Day 2

Tuesday, August 17: Jumpstart Community Plunge

Wednesday, August 18: Convocation and MLK Scholar Orientation Day 3

Thursday, August 19 - Saturday, August 21: IC Orientation

Sunday, August 22: MLK Scholar Orientation Day 4

Monday, August 23: First Day of Classes

Jumpstart Program

MLK Scholars participating in Jumpstart Community Plunge

MLK First-Year Orientation includes participating in the Jumpstart Program, a collaboration between several departments on campus that offers new students a chance to explore the local community, learn about resources on campus, and meet new friends. You will be participating in Community Plunge, which allows students to volunteer and connect with the Ithaca community. 

Civic engagement and social justice service are a focal point of being an MLK Scholar and Community Plunge will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Ithaca community and community organizations. 

More information on the Jumpstart Program and the application can be found here

First Year Housing | Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience

First Year MLK Scholars are required to live in Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience (HOME) in Holmes Hall during their first year.

HOME is a Residential Learning Community (RLC) at Ithaca College for students who seek to explore and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, and who commit to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for people from all backgrounds. Events offered to HOME students include social gatherings, faculty lead discussions, panel discussions, and events connected with current politics and current events in both the US and abroad.