Budget Process FY19; BudgetPak & Zero Based Budgeting

BudgetPak can be accessed by going to the apps.ithaca.edu page and selecting BudgetPak from the alpha list of programs at the bottom of the page.


Information regarding the transfer of budget allocations from the accounts into which they are entered during the budget process:

Budget requests/allocations must be entered into the correct natural classification category during this phase of the submission process.

If the appropriate subcode lines do not currently exist in the system, the allocations should be made in the department, in a subcode that falls within the correct natural classification, in the same project code, if available.

If that needed line is not available in the project account, we suggest that one allocate the funds to the correct natural classification in the department’s main operating account, or the department “00000” project account, for the time being.

In any case, the need to re-allocate the funds should be noted in the NOTES section of BudgetPak in order to be clearly identifiable as a line that will need change after the BOT approves the institutional budget.

Once the budgets have been approved by the BOT, it will be the responsibility of the budget owners to complete and submit a Budget Adjustment journal sheet, found at the following link:


These requests for transfer must be received in the budget office by April 3, 2018 in order that the budgets will be properly allocated to the correct account lines as the new fiscal year begins on June 1, 2017.

Budget transfers and re-allocations will not be automatically processed by the budget office personnel based upon notes made in the initial budget submissions.

We will take no action unless a Budget Adjustment form is received prior to the April 3, 2018 deadline.

This practice is not a change from years past. It has always been necessary to “lock down” the available chart of accounts during the budget process.

The needed accounts may be requested and created in Parnassus at any time prior to the April 3, 2018 deadline in order to assure that the account lines will be activated and available for the transfers requested through the Budget Adjustment form by April 3rd.

Please contact any member of the budget office staff if you have any questions regarding this information.

There are documents available regarding BudgetPak and the Budget Process in the "Documents" section of the website.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Budget Office.