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For guides, training materials, and help with the IC Finance Cloud system, please log in from apps.ithaca.edu, and follow the links on the left side of the landing page when first logging in.

The Office of Business and Finance is comprised of the following departments:

- Budget

- Financial Services

- Procurement

- Accounts Payable

- Travel Services

- Information Systems


Vision Statement

The Office of Business and Finance strives to set the standard for integrity, teamwork and excellence in the delivery of business and financial support services to the Ithaca College community.

Mission Statement

The Office of Business and Finance is committed to providing the highest quality support services, to the students, faculty and staff of Ithaca College, in the most efficient and cost effective manner consistent with the standard of excellence the college strives to achieve.

Core Values:


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical and legal standards and serve as the model for the College in the management of its fiscal resources. We emphasize honesty, reliability, cooperation, collaboration, open communication, and participative decision-making.


We provide superior quality service. We constantly seek opportunities to implement innovative services and processes to exceed customer expectations and make the best use of College resources. We understand creating an environment of excellence and innovations requires a commitment to the ongoing development of the technical and leadership skills of all employees.


We will seek to understand and focus on the needs of all customers: students, employees and community. We will dedicate our attention to delivering exceptional services within a caring atmosphere. Collaboration and teamwork will be utilized to continually improve our services.


We accept and value the differences of individuals and treat everyone with fairness and respect. The diverse needs of the College community and its external contacts are always addressed courteously and compassionately.


An environment will be maintained that recognizes and respects the importance of people and opinions; one in which we celebrate our vast diversity; recognize good work, promote everyone's abilities and professional development; establish an enjoyable environment; and encourage a balance between work and life.

Sean Kanazawich
(607) 274-3309
West Tower, 14th Floor

Beth Reynolds
Budget Director
(607) 274-3118
West Tower, 14th Floor

Bernie Murtha
Director of Procurement and Compliance
(607) 274-7764
West Tower, 14th Floor

Pam Hopkins
Accounts Payable Manager
West Tower, 14th Floor

Business and Finance Organizational Chart