Getting Around Tompkins County

Transportation options from Ithaca College to community sites

Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation costs related to civic engagement and CCE initiatives may be reimbursable. Requests for reimbursement must be made in advance. Kindly contact CCE before making any plans for reimbursement.


TCAT’s bus routes transport both out-of-county and in-county residents to and from Cornell University, Ithaca College, Tompkins Cortland Community College as well as retail, entertainment, commercial, residential and professional centers. 

Route 11 operates to and from IC and in planning your route, remember to consider:

  1. Free Transfer Tickets (for bus to bus transfers)

  2. That the bus services do not always coincide the way you expect it to.

  3. Weekend Bus Service timings and availability are different for most services. Check them on the TCAT website.

  4. Fare and pass options are available here.

Ithaca College Car Fleet

For Ithaca College-approved trips, the use of a car from our fleet managed by the Office of Facilities may be possible. Only Ithaca College faculty, staff, and students are allowed to operate a College-owned vehicle. Please familiarize yourself with Ithaca College policies in advance to determine if you may be eligible to use a car from the fleet:

Driving a Personal Vehicle and Transporting Others

Physical damage to personal vehicles used on College business is covered by the vehicle owner’s personal automobile insurance policy.  Ithaca College cannot cover a non-owned vehicle for comprehensive and/or collision damages.  Bodily injury is also covered under the vehicle owner's insurance policy.  You should contact the police and emergency personnel immediately if there is an accident with bodily injury, no matter how minimal they appear to be at the time.

Traveling to Cornell

Cornell Interactive Map (Able to find location on TCAT stop, name of building, metered parking, etc.)