All guests are subject to security screening upon building or stadium entry in the furtherance of the safety and security of the venue. Security screening may include a soft pat search, visual bag inspection, metal detection, and/or visual outer garment (opened) inspection. In an effort to expedite the screening process, guests are asked to leave all unnecessary metal objects in their vehicles or at home. Firearms are prohibited.  Guests should allow for additional time when entering all Commencement events.  

Each guest is permitted to bring one small purse/clutch bag into the event. All handbags must be 5" x 7" or smaller and are subject to search upon entry and within the event. Briefcases and backpacks are prohibited inside the venue. Pets, with the exception of trained service animals, are prohibited inside the venue. Please note that NYS law also prohibits leaving an animal confined in an unattended parked vehicle in potentially dangerous or life-threatening weather conditions.

Guests may not interfere with the venue in any way.  Unruly, disruptive or illegal behavior is prohibited.  Placing, dropping, tossing or hurling any substance or object in the venue is strictly prohibited.  Liquids, hazardous, or disruptive items are prohibited. Examples of prohibited items, include, but are not limited to: noise makers, inflatable balls, balloons, laser pointers, or weapons of any kind.  Alcohol, bottles, cans and coolers are prohibited from being brought inside the venue, with the exception of clear, plastic bottles of water. Ithaca College reserves the right to inspect and remove any packages, bags and/or containers. 

Guests are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests. Any guest who acts in an unsafe manner, presenting hazard or risk to persons or property, may be subject to ejection without refund, revocation of future venue privileges, and arrest and prosecution in accordance with NYS and local laws and ordinances. 

Guests are encouraged to report unusual or suspicious activity to the Ithaca College Office of Public Safety at (607) 274-3333.