Toxic Lake: A Conversation with Author Tom Shevory + Upstream, Downriver

Emeritus professor of Ithaca College and former co-director of FLEFF Tom Shevory will discuss water justice in our New York region as we celebrate the publication of his latest book, Toxic Lake: Environmental Destruction and the Epic Fight to Save Onondaga Lake (NYU Press, 2023).

Upstream, Downriver (Maggie Burnette Stogner, USA, 2022, 32 mins) takes viewers into the heart of the battle for water justice. Powerful stories with frontline community activists are interwoven with historical context about landmark regulations that significantly reduced water pollution in the U.S. but failed to serve disadvantaged communities that are hardest hit by today’s climate crisis.

Cinemapolis:  3:30pm, Sunday April 7    - filmmaker Maggie Stogner will join us via Zoom for q&a