With its 24 year history, FLEFF is one of the world's longest running environmental film festivals

Patricia Zimmermann, Codirector

Thomas Shevory, Codirector

Brett Bossard, Associate Programmer

Barbara Adams, Literary curator

Dale Hudson and Claudia Costa Pederson, New Media Art curators

Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, Festival Producers

Jacklyn Das and Julia Tulke, Festival Associate Producers for Outreach and Engagement

Ari Kissiloff, Technical Consultant

Festival Blogging and Social Media Team: Makiyah Adams, Louise Baron, Grace Bonner, Taylor Cliff, Grace Collins, Brittney Cooper, Rachael Geary, Renee Madcharo, Queline Meadows, Erin Pederson, Annisa Phillip, Stephanie Tokasz, Allison True, Kayla Wilkins

Major funding provided by the Park Foundation, the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Ithaca College, and anonymous contributors