A Conversation with a Festival Attendee

By Rachael Geary, April 6, 2021
Ella Krings has been attending FLEFF events since Week One.

My Zoom screen is tinted blue from my LED lights that hang in my bedroom, and I look exhausted.

“I like the blue,” Ella Krings said. The two of us are both in our less-than-desirable off-campus college apartments. I say thank you.

She laughs.

The two of us now being seniors, Krings and I have known each other since we were first-year students. We are both in Ithaca College’s documentary studies and production program.

Krings has been attending FLEFF events since the first week, including events like new media installations about the Florida everglades and discussions with staff members at The Intercept.

“With the pandemic, I definitely haven’t seen as many good movies,” Krings said. She explained that FLEFF has been a good opportunity for her to catch up on watching artistic films.

Krings attended FLEFF before the festival went virtual as an underclassman at Ithaca College.

“I went to a few events, but definitely not as many as I’ve gone to this year,” Krings said. “I’ve gone to [events] this year more than ever before.”

Krings said that the Eventive platform is helpful for her to see what films will be screened throughout the festival. She also likes being able to watch films that work around her own schedule.

Krings is also a student in Patricia Zimmermann’s film studies class, History and Theory of Documentary. Zimmermann, co-director of FLEFF, requires her students to attend FLEFF as part of their class assignments.

“For class, we are supposed to think about the projects and context in relation to history and theory of documentary,” Krings said.

Krings watched short documentaries from the We Tell series and long-form documentaries like The People vs. Agent Orange and Dying for Gold. As documentary majors, we bond over our excitement of the documentaries being shown at FLEFF.

As the third week of FLEFF commences, Krings and I look forward to more documentaries, more discussions, and more immersion in the virtual festival world.