Films to Look Out For: The Idea of a Lake

By Kayla Wilkins, March 23, 2021
A quick look into The Idea of A Lake (Milagros Mumenthaler)

A look into The Idea of A Lake by Milagros Mumenthaler

The Idea of A Lake, directed by Milagros Mumenthaler, was released in 2016. The film follows Inès, a photographer in her mid-thirties, and is expecting. Inès is in a fragile emotional state while working to complete a book that contains personal memories and insight.

A journey to finish a personal book becomes one of complete introspection, and a look into Inès’s past and the events that have shaped her. Including her father’s absence which comes at a crucial point in history - Jose Rafael Videla’s dictatorship.

The Idea of A Lake was showcased at a few other film festivals during the time it premiered in 2016, including International Film Festival Rotterdam and Busan International Film Festival. With the film originally premiering at Festival De Locarno.

The film dives into the intricate history of Inès and her notable family members. 

Milagros Mumenthaler is known for the quality of her movies, especially within the film festival realm. 

While this film did debut in the film festival world, the movie did have a stint of distribution and played at cinemas from November 2016 to June 2017. 


You can view The Idea of A Lake via Eventive from 3/29-4/4 and join the talk back on 4/3 at 4pm by registering via Zoom.