Introduction: Queline Meadows

By Queline Meadows, February 2, 2021
Introducing one of this year's FLEFF Voices bloggers.

Queline Meadows, FLEFF Blogger

Queline Meadows, FLEFF Blogger

Blog posting written by Queline Meadows, Culture and Communication with minors in French and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, ’23, FLEFF Intern, Buffalo, New York.

A year ago, I was sitting at the multimedia desk on the second floor of the Ithaca College library.

Today, I am sitting at another desk, this time at my home in Buffalo, New York. There are pieces of my old life here, like the lamp next to me that used to live in my dorm. Everything else, however, is vastly different.

So much has changed in the past year after the world shut down and we were forced to radically change our modes of living.

I have been itching to get involved with FLEFF since I arrived at Ithaca College last fall. I was originally registered to be a FLEFF Fellow during the Spring 2020 semester, but the festival and its associated courses were ultimately shut down when it became clear that an in-person festival would not be possible.

Despite my initial disappointment, as lockdown continued I began to witness the potential value of a 100% virtual festival. FLEFF immediately mounted online exhibitions, such as the Radical Infiltrations new media exhibition. Suddenly, I was able to experience events that I never would have been able to attend in person. My laptop became my passport, allowing me to travel around the world with ease.

I am excited to continue this journey as a FLEFF blogger in 2021, joining an ongoing conversation that expands every second through various online channels.

I am excited to investigate the theme of INFILTRATIONS, which has taken on a new meaning since it was first announced.

Most of all, I am excited to delve into new media art, a realm I have only just begun to explore. I look forward to discovering how the fully virtual modality of FLEFF 2021 will interact with this world.

There is no way of knowing what lies ahead. This uncertainty energizes me, and I can’t wait to begin.