Ripple Affect

By Renee Madcharo, April 13, 2021
Drop of New Ideas

A drop of ink breaks the smooth reflective surface of a cup of water. 

The beginning of the festival came with a rush of excitement and anticipation. Having never worked a live event such as this, I was unsure of what to expect or what was in store. My first few interview assignments somewhat prepared me by stating that great conversations were ahead. 

When arriving at the first event ahead of time with the team to make sure the program was ready gave me a taste of what was in store. People checking the cameras and microphones, uploading different backgrounds, and establishing time sensitive cures brought a sense of excitement before going live. 


The ink instantly branches into rounding arches of color. Slowly bleeding and winding its way down and leaving a trail of color in its wake. Finally hitting the bottom and the beads of color disperse to fill the glass. 

Each type of event I attend throughout the festival was its own teaching experience but have similar foundation in passion as a primary motivator.  One example of this, was the Online Journal+Media Environmental roundtable where the final question was on the material impact of what the organization does. Adrian Ivakhivis’s response was incredibly moving, so much so that the audience almost didn’t realize that it overstepped the time limit and had to be cut off around five minutes. When given the opportunity to share ideas from a topic that one is passionate about, it often resonates in their delivery and spreads urgency and excitement to anyone who listens.

Slowly the color blends into the entire glass, gives it a shake and it happens even fast. Where by the end of the process, the ink is fully immersed in the water. 

Each of the different types of events are so specific and branch out in their own way. Much like the different trails of ink. They leave their own impression on the listener or viewer, and this continues to expand with each event attended. Some leave rich swirls that dive to the bottom of ideas we connect with immediately, and others wander leaving faint arching wisps, rocking back and forth, gradually reaching their destination. 

When everything reaches a close, all the individual ideas and experiences blend together to leave an impression.

 FLEFF gives it’s audience such a broad spectrum of topics to choose to engage with. Each has their own color or appeal, whether it be about Toxic Chemicals used today, Launching of a new Book analyzing Video Game Culture for the Military from a Psychological standpoint, or covering the hidden gems behind the screening of films challenging the ideas of what cost you would pay to know the fate of a family member. 

And by the end of the festival, the once clear glass of water has color. Color with meaning and purpose from becoming immersed in the experiences available.