An online exhibition featuring three platforms that support community media that permits marginalized voices to communicate what they find important

Each of these projects mobilizes the idea of polyphony by featuring a multiplicity of voices, topics, and practices with vastly different methods and approaches. The featured collaborative and participatory projects from India, Canada, and Indigenous nations in the US show ways of how to think beyond the auteur towards new kinds of media organizations and practices to bring new knowledges to the forefront

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Chambal Media

 The only women-run, ethical and independent rural news in India, Chambal produces videos, podcasts, and more

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Participatory Media

 Participatory Media is a tool for planning and evaluating participatory media practices for practicioners

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Tribesourcing Southwest Film

Tribesourcing Southewest Film collaboratives with Indigenous communities to re-narrate and contextualize archival films

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FLEFF curators of new media discuss the significance of polyphonies for collaborative and participatory media making

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The Curators

Read more about the curators of Polyphonic Communities, Dale Hudson and Claudia Costa Pederson

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