With 28 films and 46 screenings at Cinemapolis, festival-goers should plan their journey through these films from all over the globe. Review the PDF of the program flow, and then purchase tickets in advance

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF), now in its 26th year, offers 28 films and 46 screenings, ranging across narrative, documentary, hybrid, experimental and short forms. FLEFF expands questions about the environment to include human rights, politics, free speech, history, land, sea, air, communities, identities, technologies, the arts, and more. Screenings take place March 20 - April 9, 2023 at Cinemapolis.


To decide what films and events you would like to attend, just click the link below to see trailers, descriptions, and learn about talkbacks throughout the festival,


Securing tickets and passes to the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Films at Cinemapolis March 20-April 9 is one click away.  Start your online shopping now to secure your seats!

Easy-to-Read Grid of FLEFF Films at Cinemapolis

file-outline Grid of FLEFF Films at Cinemapolis - FLEFF Slottings Cinemapolis FOR PUBLIC 3.11.pdf (209.88 KB)

Download this easy-to-read grid for each day of FLEFF at Cinemapolis, with films, speakers, filmmakers, panels, and free screenings.

FLEFF Films screen at Cinemapolis on:

Wed    March 22

Fri       March 24

Sat      March 26

Sun     March 27

Fri       March 31

Sat      April 1

Sun     April 2

Fri       April 7

Sat      April 8

Sun     April 9

How to Buy Tickets and Passes at Cinemapolis


Screenings take place March 20 - April 9, 2023 at Cinemapolis. Many of the FLEFF screenings feature introductions, talkbacks, and visiting filmmakers for lively audience discussion. 



The best way to enjoy and immerse in all that FLEFF has to offer is to buy a festival pass. We are offering two types of festival passes that let you see multiple films in the FLEFF lineup for a single discounted price:

FLEFF 5-Pass $35.00

Includes 5 admissions to any ticketed FLEFF screenings anytime, redeemable in person or online

FLEFF All-Access Pass $125.00

Includes 1 admission to any ticketed FLEFF screening anytime for entire festival, redeemable in person or online

When you purchase FLEFF Passes online, you will be required to provide a delivery email address for the pass itself, and that does not have to be the purchaser (i.e. you can purchase passes as gifts or on behalf of others).

Digital FLEFF Passes will be emailed directly to the recipient, while the purchaser will receive an emailed receipt, both coming from info@cinemapolis.org. If you are ordering passes for multiple people, purchase each pass separately in order to enter a unique recipient email address for each.

FLEFF Passes may also be purchased in person at the Cinemapolis Box Office or over the phone at (607) 277-6115 during our normal opening hours. 

For group orders of more than 10 FLEFF Passes, you may email boxoffice@cinemapolis.org with your name, phone number, best contact hours, and the number and type of FLEFF Passes desired (5-Pass or All-Access Pass). Include a list of email addresses of each desired recipient (as well as pass-type if necessary). We will call you promptly to get your credit card information over the phone and issue the passes digitally to your desired recipients. If you have special needs for invoicing or receipts related to a group purchase, please let us know.


Each FLEFF Pass contains a 10-digit Pass redemption code which can be used while purchasing tickets online to any FLEFF screening, as well as a QR code which can be scanned for purchases at the Box Office. If you received a Pass redemption code without a corresponding QR code when you purchased the Pass, simply ask the Box Office Staff to print your Pass with the QR code when you arrive at the theater. 

When booking tickets online, choose your screenings from our website listings, placing the tickets in your cart as you normally would. When you go to your cart to checkout you will be prompted for an email address for delivery of the pass (the custom message field should be left blank). Once done, you will see your cart items, and should then click the red "+Add Voucher" button just above the Payment button. Enter your Pass redemption code, including the "VP" at the beginning, hit enter, and a list of your available vouchers for tickets will appear. Choose one for each FLEFF screening you are purchasing tickets for, then hit "Close" and you will see the vouchers have applied to your tickets. Then simply finish completing the payment process, and a receipt will be emailed to you containing your actual tickets. When you arrive at the theater to pickup your tickets, just scan the QR code on that ticket receipt. There is no need to present your FLEFF Pass once you have your tickets.

The FLEFF Passes each contain a QR code which you can scan at the Box Office to redeem for tickets purchased there in person. Scan the code before the purchase and the Box Office Staff will apply your available vouchers to your tickets. If you do not have the QR code for any reason you can use your 10-digit Pass redemption code, as well.

Note: There is no need to use vouchers for free screenings.


Tickets are $10 each. The usual discounts for seniors ($9) and Cinemapolis Members ($8) apply to FLEFF titles. You may redeem Cinemapolis punch cards, free admission passes, and Cinemapolis Gift Cards for tickets to FLEFF screenings, as well.

You can purchase individual tickets in person or through our Cinemapolis website to any FLEFF screening as you would to any other Cinemapolis film.

Festival pass-holders will be able to apply their pass vouchers to online purchases of tickets to FLEFF Screenings. These are denoted by a "FLEFF - Film Festival" badge on the listing as well as in their descriptions, and can be found at FLEFF Showtimes & Tickets

We strongly encourage advance ticket purchase to individual screenings since we anticipate some FLEFF screenings will sell out, especially screenings that are premieres and those with filmmakers, guest speakers, and talkbacks. We also recommend advance ticket purchases for all three silent films with live music.