A curated selected of books on the history of Ukraine, developed by Dr. Zenon Wasyliw, Professor of History, Ithaca College

Suggested Reading list on Ukraine history 

Anne Appelbaum, Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine (New York: Anchor Books, 2017)

Oksana Kis, Survival as Victory: Ukrainian Women in the Gulag (Cambridge: Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2021)

Paul Robert Magocsi, History of Ukraine: The Land and its Peoples (Toronto: University of Toronto, 2010)

Serhii Plokhy, The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine (New York: Basic Books, 2017)

Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin (New York: Basic Books, 2012)

Serhy Yekelchyk, Ukraine: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020)