This list of Ukrainian novels was compiled by Chris Holmes, Chrystyna Dail, and Kasia Bartoszynska, faculty members in Ithaca College's Department of Literatures in English.

This list offers a compelling group of novels and memoirs that bring the reader inside Ukraine. This Ukrainian Literature Resource is a small sample of Ukrainian novels and poetry that have been translated into English.


Voroshilovgrad, Serhiy Zhadan (2016)
Zhadan is Ukraine’s most prominent living poet. This is a novel set in the just-post-soviet Ukraine. A mix of a brutal industrial landscape and a magical realist form make for an intense read.

grey bees

Grey Bees, Andrey Kurkov (2022)
A beekeeper in the Dombas grey-zone wonders what to do with his beloved hives as the shelling from Russian forces continues.

fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex,

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex, Okasana Zabuzhko (1996)
A Slavic Studies professor from Ukraine visiting Harvard tries to grow free of a patriarchal culture as her home country experiences its first growing pains as a newly independent country.

dancing in Odessa,

Dancing in Odessa, Ilya Kaminsky (2004)
One of the world’s greatest living poets. A Ukrainian-American, Kaminsky also happens to be deaf. This collection is lyrical, but in unexpected ways, connecting the Odessa of his memory with classical myths.

the moscoviad,

The Moscoviad, Yuri Andrukhovych (1993)
A day in a life Ukrainian poet in Moscow—full of
hijinks, while managing to be a story about the yearning for independence, and that sacrifices that independence requires.

I Will Die in a Foreign Land,

I Will Die in a Foreign Land, Kalani Pickhart (2021)
A beautiful dramatization of four young people who are swept up in the Euro-maidan revolution that ousts the corrupt and anti-democratic president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko. Pickhart is Ukrainian American. You can hear her interview with English Professor Chris Holmes here.

mondegreen: Songs About Death and Love,

Mondegreen: Songs About Death and Love, Volodymyr Rafeyenko (published April 19th, 2022).
“This novel, soon to be available in English translation, tells the story of Haba Habinsky, a refugee escaping to Kyiv from the Donbas region. As he’s swept into a whirlwind of disorientation and dislocation, he has to confront his identity and what it means to adopt a new language and a new city in the midst of conflict.” (bookriot)

Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev,

Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev, Andrey Kurkov (2014)
Another by Kurkov, but this one is a personal history of the Euromaidan revolution as seen from the author’s neighborhood in Kiyv. A testament to the strength and character of the young people who risked everything for a chance at real democracy.


 An Anthology of Modern Ukrainian Drama, Larissa M.L. Zaleska Onyshkevych, ed. (2012)
The first major anthology of modern Ukrainian drama published in English. The work contains translations of nine twentieth-century Ukrainian playwrights and brief biographies of each writer.