Conversation with Russian dissident writer Dmitry Bykov

Ithaca City of Asylum collaborates with FLEFF for a conversation between Dmitry Bykov and Barbara Adams about writing and politics.


Dmitry Bykov is one of Russia’s best-known public intellectuals.

He has authored more than 80 books, including novels, poetry, biographies, and literary criticism. Bykov is a four-time winner of the International Award in the Field of Fantastic Literature and a three-time winner of the Fiction International Assembly Award. A popular lecturer and public speaker, he has also served as the host of numerous television and radio programs.

In 2019, he fell ill while on an airplane flight and spent five days in a coma. An independent investigation found that the symptoms were very similar to those suffered by Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny and that the same government agents who poisoned Navalny had also been following him.

Bykov continues to visit Russia, but he has been banned from teaching there or appearing on state television. Currently hosted in the U.S. by Ithaca City of Asylum, he is a fellow of the Open Society University Network at Cornell University’s Institute for European Studies. 


Barbara Adams is Associate Professor of Writing,  Director of the Internship Program in Writing and Publishing, and regional arts critic. 

She specializes in feature writing for magazines and newspapers, arts criticism, food and travel writing, editing and publishing, public essay and nonfiction, careers in writing, media and technology, peer tutoring. She also serves on the executive board of the Ithaca Voice, a nonprofit digital daily.

She is a regional arts journalist and co-founding member of Ithaca City of Asylum

Ithaca City of Asylum

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