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Posted by Hannah Basciano at 6:41PM
FLEFF Bloggers

Blog Posting by Hannah Basciano, Documentary Film Studies '17, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Last year as a FLEFF Junior Fellow, I immersed myself in the festival for the first time. I learned about film festivals, went to see the films and hear the lectures, and talked to the participants.

Last year was just dipping my toe in the water.

This year, as a Blogger, I dove in.

Bloggers plunge into FLEFF and everything it has to offer. We start in January, and continue to learn about its inner workings and experiences up until the festival. Being a Blogger means diving into the festival head-first and submersing yourself in its lessons, applications, and its entertainment!

Interested? Here are 5 more reasons to become a FLEFF Blogger next year…

1. You Learn About Festivals

From day one of the Blogging course, you are engaging the concepts of film festivals as cultural practices, political forums, hosts of art, spectacles, and more. Through compelling texts written by some of the most acclaimed and contemporary festival analysts, you begin questioning the implications of festivals and the variety they present. Then, alongside your fellow bloggers, you begin to place FLEFF in these contexts piece by piece. It is an intellectual journey that opens your mind to the importance of film festivals in the world.

2. You Get to Write for a Wide Audience

Most student’s writing goes practically unseen—maybe read by a single professor or a peer. FLEFF Bloggers are offered a wider audience, from filmmakers to family members, from the local community of Ithaca to an international following, our blogs are read and appreciated.  The ability to have your voice heard on such a grand scale is rare for a student, so take advantage of the opportunity if you can.

3. You Get to Meet Some Amazing People

This year, we met filmmakers, distributors, authors, playwrights, actresses, and scholars—all while sitting in class! Bloggers have the priviledge of meeting FLEFF guests before the festival. We get to learn about their work from its source, an experience unique to the position. Where else can you share your opinions in such an intimate space with the very contributors of the festival?

4. You Get to See What Goes on Behind the Seens

We were the first people to see Mary Zebell’s design for Carmen. We heard Cynthia Henderson’s first full read through of her Garbo performance. We heard Saviana Stanescu explain her creative process while writing Hurt, and Sorayya Khan’s process for City of Spies. We knew why each film was programmed for each time, and how it was acquired for the festival. Having that knowledge going into FLEFF week provides a level of insight unparalleled by any other student at the festival.

5. You Have Fun!

Bloggers become a family that learns from each other and experiences incredible moments together. I shared every film this year with a fellow blogger—along with every bag of popcorn. We have so much fun together from the beginning of class to the last film screening. I cannot wait to share another FLEFF with my fellow Bloggers next year!


Why would you want to be a FLEFF Blogger?

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