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Posted by Carly Cote at 9:48PM

     Each one of Ann Michel’s projects is extremely unique, but share one commonality: they have a long and useful life. She admits that she has a different niche in the entertainment industry, but Ann Michel would rather work on a thoughtful and long lasting project, versus a flashy one. There is no formula to produce this result, but it is instead an accumulation of decisions made along the way.

     Producer and director of Insights Inc, Ann Michel has been involved with FLEFF since it’s inception. She contributes something different every year. Last year, inspired by her trip to Russia in 2012, Ann Michel introduced FLEFF to a German radio show, adding an Eastern European influence.

     Since then, Ann Michel has found herself back in the Eastern Block. Her current project focuses on the renovation of an estate in Poland. The 11 acres has a tormented history, but Ann Michel is ecstatic to develop her own project parallel to the improvement of a physical structure. 

     As a member of a very Polish family myself, Ann Michel’s recent travels to the motherland sparked a lengthy discussion about Polish culture and it’s assimilation into the United States. Before calling Ann Michel, I was unsure of where the interview would go; would we focus on her skills as a producer, would she be annoyed by my inexperienced questions and lack of knowledge about the film industry?

     Yes, we talked at length about her role as a producer. No, she did not get annoyed in the slightest. Unexpectedly, I found a fellow pierogi lover, learned about fabulous Pollack eateries in New York City and realized the dedication Ann Michel has to her work.

    Because she has been frequently traveling to Poland, Ann Michel is currently trying to learn Polish. This is just one example of how she commits herself to her projects.  While Ann Michel says her job sometimes forces her to spread herself a little too thin, I believe that the standard Ann Michel sets for herself is the reason for her success. 

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